What does the Kia proceed have in store for car lovers?

What does the Kia proceed have in store for car lovers?

So what is the new Kia Proceed all about?

Kia’s GT versions of the Ceed and Proceed are the company’s very first attempt at a model with a sports theme. They are powered by a 201 brake horsepower 1.6 litre engine. Though Kia have only claimed a 7.9 seconds for 0-62. Both of these models will be revealed at the Geneva Motor show. With the Kia Proceed GT sales starting this summer and the Kia Ceed GT in December. The prices of the models are said to be around £20,000.

So is the new Kia Proceed model looking good?

The first released pictures of the Kia Proceed went around the internet recently and these indicate that the design of the model has been designed with both hot hatchback and style in mind. LED Driving lights give the new GT model a brand new take on the necklace design which has been tired and the protruding low grille has been edged around the base with a red stripe. There are red brake calipers sitting behind the 18 inch alloys.

Apart from these alloys, the standard specification of the model will include, Recaro seats and pedals. Due to the fact it is a model from the Ceed range, it is extremely likely to be well specced, although none of this has been confirmed for certain. This obviously means, cruise control, more than likely a leather trim, a rear camera for parking, sat-nav with touchscreen and climate control. The usual 6 speed gearbox is standard with this Kia Proceed model

What has the Proceed GT model got to go up against?

Well firstly of course is Ford’s brand new Focus ST, which has a starting price of £21,995 and is 247 brake horsepower from the 2.0 litre engine. Kia however have been keen to point out that the entry level ST is a lot lighter on specification and there are many savings over Ford’s model, including a less denting insurance bill and cheaper fuel bills.

The Seat Leon also looks to be a threat, which costs for the manual 5 door vehicle, £20,585. The power is not as notable with 177 brake horsepower, though Seat have claimed a 0-62 miles per hour time of 7.2 seconds and an economy of 47 miles per gallon. There is also a 3 door coming up soon and the added option of Volkswagen’s twin clutch gearbox.