Volkswagen include Skoda and Audi models in massive recall

Volkswagen include Skoda and Audi models in massive recall

Skoda and Audi vehicles, the sister brands of Volkswagen have been added to the recall of around 26,000 Volkswagens in Australia that were announced yesterday. A particular batch of around 1750 Skoda vehicles that were made from the years 2009 to 2011 with DSG gearboxes are likely to be added to the recall of around 6200 Audi A1 and A3 models, from July 2008 until July 2011. The particular Skoda models that are affected are the Superb and Octavia.

There are another 2800 diesel cars that are being inspected for injector faults, with the latest announcement bringing the overall tally of recalled Volkswagen Group vehicles in Australia to over 38,000. The company had been criticised by the peak consumer body in the country, the Australian Automobile Association, the ACCC for being too slow to react to the concerns of customers over a rather wide range of mechanical defects with their models.

Volkswagen finally issued the recall in Australia after a fortnight of pressure

After recalls in China and North America for rather similar issues, the company finally issued the recall in Australia, after two weeks of pressure from dissatisfied customers. The vehicles that are affected had been built between June 2008 and September 2011, they included the Jetta Sedan, The Golf hatchback, the Passat Sedan and wagon, the Polo hatchback and the Caddy van. The DSG automatic gearbox will be inspected and then if it is needed will then be repaired on the particular batch of vehicles.

This recall comes after years of complaints from customers that reached alarming new levels over the past two weeks after an inquest into a 2011 death of a driver of a Volkswagen was announced , even though the findings of this incident were yet to be handed down and the car in the particular circumstance was actually not deemed to have a mechanical fault.

Particular complaints that have been highlighted over the past two weeks included, high oil use, engines that repeatedly conked out and issued relating to the reliability of the gearbox. Some customers reported having their gearboxes and/or engines replaces and others complained about expenses of fixing these parts once the warranty on the vehicle had expired.

Volkswagen are still yet to issue an official recall for vehicles that customers have claimed decelerate suddenly. Volkswagen have said that any customers who are experiencing this particular fault or any others are to contact their local Volkswagen dealer.

Volkswagen have set up a dedicated hotline for any customer queries

Volkswagen Australia set up a customer service line to answer any customer queries.