UK Electric car sales set to double for 2013

UK Electric car sales set to double for 2013

Electric car sales in the U.K are expected to atleast double this year as cheaper models are entering into the car market and the number of charging points across the country looks to increase significantly. The numbers of full electric cars are said to be rising from around 3,000 to 6,000, though the switch for drivers to take on electric vehicles was still moving at a rather slow pace.  It is said that some of the problems the market have faced is that the prices are not quite right yet and the range of vehicles available is not yet long enough. There were few people last year who wanted to pay rather a significant amount more for a car that is still unable to do everything.

Most of the current 3,000 electric vehicles in the UK are used in company fleets and this is more than likely to remain the main market for electric vehicles as companies carry on looking to reduce carbon emissions.

What electric cars are available?

The Renault Zoe comes in at £13,650 and is rather a lot cheaper than some of it’s competitors, though a battery must be rented from Renault for £70 each month, which of course reduces the savings on fossil fuel consumption. Though it is still described as a step in the right direction as there will be other cheaper cars arriving on the market such as the Nissan Leaf.

The charging point network is also expanding across the UK, as London’s numbers are looking to increase from around 900 to 1,300 this year and it has been explained that electric car owners in London and around the east of England will be able to use charging points in both of the areas. At the present time it is not always possible for electric cars to be charged at points that are not in the zone that they originate from.

More stylish electric cars?

Electric cars are even said to be becoming more stylish due to BMW introudicng it’s i3 and then it’s larger i8 next year. This is said to create a completely different image perception of the electric car. This model will be completely connected to the internet and has been described as beautifully designed. British Gas have estimated that the places that are most likely for an electric car sale boom are Edinburgh, Glasgow and of course London.