Twizy or not Twizy, that is the question?

Twizy or not Twizy, that is the question?

With electric cars supposedly the latest must have thing, I ask would you really want one? The Renault Twizy is the first electric urban compact 2 seater, with it’s bold and bright styling and 3 types to choose from; Twizy Urban, Twizy colour and Twizy Technic, are the ultimate City cars, or are they? The Twizy has no doors as standard, however sidebars and lower panels can be added, which open upwards, like a supercar, sounds like the next best thing in modern technology.

So what’s the Twizy like?

The Twizy is described as incredibly fun to drive and ideal for cruising around the city, however with volumes being a lot lower than Renault originally predicted, Sales and Marketing director Stephen Norman has stated their dismay with regards to sales. With Renault wanting to essentially produce and sell more electric cars than any other company and fast, this must have been a huge knock. Although the Twizy has outsold the Fluence Saloon, with 252 Twizy’s being sold in the UK in the last 5 months, compared to 64 Fluence Saloon’s, these are just not the numbers Renault expected. Stephen Norman (Sales and Marketing director) had bigger and better hopes for the Zoe EV hatchback which will go on sale next year. Apparently the Zoe will have excellent roadholding due to it’s low gravity and fiery acceleration with zero noise. Hopefully Renault will have more luck with this car.

The Twizy is an extremely manoevrable vehicle, so it will be easy to get into those tight spots, when someone parks too close to your house, or there is only one small space left at the supermarket. Going round corners is supposedly so easy it could be managed by a nursery school child, so why aren’t the Twizy’s selling as expected? Most people would usually love to be one of the few with a spanking new invention that isn’t parked in every other space in the car park.

This begs the question, does anyone really want electric cars? If they are so impressive and such a must have, why aren’t they flying out of shop windows and selling like hotcakes? Maybe this type of car is aimed at a niche market of techno enthusiasts who need the latest invention of everything, but the sales show that at this point in it’s career, the electric car  and the Twizy in particular just may not be for everybody.