Toyota face 800,000 vehicle recall due to spiders setting up home

There have been a number of recalls this year, usually based on a potential fault within a particular vehicle, though the most recent recall for Toyota, of over 800,000 vehicles, has spiders to blame.

Spiders have set up home in the tubes and air conditioning units of some Toyota vehicles

Though this may sound like a premature haloween joke, the spiders have actually been spinning webs and setting up home in the cars tubes and air conditioning units, causing a whole host of problems for the manufacturer and the customers of their cars.

The public affairs manager of Toyota, Cindy Knight said that spiders have been implicated with the condition of the vehicles, although it is an extremely rare occurence, spiders can get inside the air conditioning drainage tubes and build their nests.

The nests were blocking drainage from the car tubes, which could then lead to leaks. In some cases the leaks would actually drain on top of the vehicles airbag control units, which could cause airbag and electrical short circuit malfunctions.

The recall was announced by Toyota last Thursday. A spider watcher actually said that it is easy to see why a spider would choose to inhabit such a place, it is warm under a car, aswell as being dark and damp. It is perfect.

Two people had actually sustained minor injuries, as was described by Toyota when airbags didn’t deploy due to this problem, which has affected some 2012 and 2013, Avalon, Avalon Hybrid, Camry Camry Hybrid and Venza.

Malfunctions relating to vehicle’s airbags have caused increasing problems to manufacturers throughout this year. They have issued 29 recalls relating to the airbag so far this year, which is actually a record. Toyota has had to recall vehicles for problems regarding airbags four times, three out of the four times have had to recall over 800,000 vehicles. Over the motor industry, those are actually the three largest airbag recalls so far this year.

Toyota are not the only manufacturer to suffer problems at the hands of spiders

This is not actually the first time that spiders have caused issues that resulted in vehicles being recalled. Mazda had to recall around 65,000 vehicles in 2011 due to spiders nesting in the hoses of the fuel system. Hopefully this problem will not affect Toyota too greatly.