The Renault Twin’Run Concept

The Renault Twin’Run Concept

The Renault Twin’Run concept made it’s debut recently at the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. The car has been designed to be a successor to the Renault Clio V6 and the Renault R5 Turbo.

The Renault concept shares similar city car styling cues to the Twin’Z electric car

The car shares the same sort of city car styling similarities as the Renault Twin’Z electric car concept that was originally revealed in April, the Renault Twin’Run is a different proposition however. Rather than the eco friendly batteries of the Twin’Z model, it comes with a mid mounted V6 petrol engine producing 316 brake horsepower and a range of motorsport technology that hints towards the next generation Renault Twingo RS. The engine drives the rear wheels and combines a steel chassis which has been taken from the Renault Megane Trophy racer along with lightweight fibre glass bodywork which equals a kerbweight of 950 kg. This all means that the Renault Twin’Run can do the 0-62 mile per hour spring in just 4.5 seconds and can also reach a top speed of 155 miles per hour.

All of the major mechanicals for the vehicle are taken from the racing world, such as a rally style welded handbrake lever, a six speed sequential gearbox, a limited slip differential at the back of the vehicle which will help to improve cornering and huge brakes. The car also sits on rather large 18 inch alloys that are pushed right into the corners of the car.

The exterior design of the Renault concept echoes that of rally cars

The exterior design styling of the vehicle has been influenced heavily by rally cars and the orange graphics that run across the doors and roof, huge air vents in front of the rear arches, as well as a fixed rear wing. The LED lights at the front of the vehicle are only 25 mm thick, they can also give different light sequences that can be controlled by the driver.

On the inside, the car is stripped out, a plexiglass sheet is all that separates the driver from the engine. There are also four point racing harnesses across the sparco bucket seats. Head of Renault’s concept car design Axel Breun said that the Twin’Run model embodies the rather mad genius that the company has gained a reputation for over the years, it is the true heir of racing cars that have so much appeal.

The concept hints at the potential of performance of a Renault Twingo RS model for the future, although there are already rumours that the company are planning to resurrect the 5 name badge for the three door model.