The next seven Jaguar models unleashed

The next seven Jaguar models unleashed

The SUV from the company, Jaguar’s answer to the Evoque from Range Rover has been officially confirmed for production in 2016.

The SUV, which will have a starting price of £31,000, is one of six new models that will be launched by Jaguar within the next few years. The ambitious growth targets from the company also include plans to look into a front wheel drive car for segments for smaller vehicles. Here is the new model strategy from Jaguar, car by car.


The Jaguar F-Type Coupe

This model is rumoured to be cheaper than the drop top and to be the definitive Jaguar F-Type model. Some sources have suggested that it is lighter than the roadster, impressively so and is around a 1/3 stiffer. There have been hints that the chassis for the vehicle would see a number of changes to the hardware. The drop top is rumoured to be shifting around 1,000 units every month, so the coupe could add atleast another 500 to this figure.


The Jaguar Q-Type Saloon

This model is said to be a little bit of a gamble for the company due to it investing quite heavily in a brand new PLA platform. It is expected to be rather compact and is aimed to directly rival the BMW 3 Series. The car is set to be priced from £28,000 and most versions will be getting a lightweight and super frugal engine.


The Jaguar XQ Crossover

This model is based on the same PLA aluminium platform as the saloon model. The XQ crossover could finally break the company away from it’s traditional image and into the family market. It will be competing with the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5, though it is expected to be one on it’s own by combining all aluminium construction and very sleek styling.

The Jaguar XJ

This is currently the last Jaguar Land Rover car that is based on the original aluminium architecture from the company, which made it’s debut ten years ago.

The Jaguar XK

The current XK model is based on the companies original platform made from aluminium. It is rather slow selling and is going to be ten years old when it is replaced. The next Jaguar XK is expected to be underpinned by a modified compact PLA platform.


The Jaguar XF

The Jaaguar XF Sportbrake’s launch recently was a clear insinuation that the current XF still had rather a lot of time to serve. There is expected to be a second facelift for the model in 2014, when the vehicle is likely to be re-engineered to take Jaguar Land Rover’s new engines. The 2017 model will be using the PLA platform and is likely to be produced next to the XJ.