The Google Glass

The Google Glass

The Google Glass Claim

A woman from California is thought to be the first motorist of all time, to receive a ticket for wearing Google Glass computer glasses, whilst they were driving. The woman, Cecilia Abadie, was written up under the road safety law that bans drivers from being able to watch television whilst they are driving, this is which law the officer believed that Ms Abadie’s wrongdoing fell under.

Cecilia Abadie claims however, that the reality device, which is used to display information onto a tiny screen in a hands free smartphone like format, right in front of the person who is wearing them’s eyes, was actually off whilst she was driving. As a result of this, Ms Abadie is considering whether or not she should appeal the fine she was issued. Though, the ticket actually states that she was also driving at 80 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour limit near San Diego on Interstate 15.

The write up from the officer said that Ms Abadie was driving with Google Glass, monitor visible to driver and was henceforth in direct dispute of the California Highway Patrol 27602 state vehicle code.

The issue of the Google Glass

Cecilia Abadie has said that the officer that had stopped her had said that wearing the Google Glass goggles could seriously obscure the view of the road ahead and henceforth was a risk to road safety. Though after Ms Abadie had posted on a Google + social network site that she had been fined for this offence, other members suggested that she may have an appeal case, due to a possible law loophole.

There are also provisions of Code 27602 for a driver to view a display legally if it shows that GPS navigation data or maps, could help supplement of enhance the view of the driver.

Along with Ms Abadie’s claim that her Google Glass device was not on at the time of driving, meaning that she did not have an interrupted view of the road, the ruling in this particular case, could be turned over.