The brand new BMW X1

The brand new BMW X1

The first pictures of the front wheel drive, next generation BMW X1 have been seen across the internet, ahead of it’s official launch for 2015.

The brand new BMW X1 has been spotted ahead of it’s official launch

The brand new X1 from BMW has been spotted ahead of it’s launch and though it shares a similar shape to the predecessor, it will be the first X model offered with front wheel drive from the company, bucking the trend.

Based on the UKL1 front wheel drive platform, which will also be underpinning the brand new MINI (which will be debuting in November at the LA Motor Show), the new BMW X1 will not be the actual first front wheel drive BMW. This distinction will go to the BMW Concept Active Tourer production version, which is due early next year.

The FWD architecture is extremely versatile, which is able to be modified for widths and heights and a variety of lengths, will enable it to be fitted to a large range of BMW and MINI models. There have been reports suggested that around 20 models that are based on this particular architecture are in the pipeline already.

The prototype which is in disguise has still got some key design elements from BMW, like the prominent air intakes and the front grille. The roofline is sloping and gives a more sporty profile to the current X1 model.

A host of new engines are likely to be featured for the new BMW

A new host of three cylinder 1.5 litre turbo engines are likely to be featured and are expected to be shared with the brand new MINI. Although power figures have not been confirmed as of yet, likely outputs range from 122 brake horsepower to 224 brake horsepower for the petrol models nad 82 brake horsepower to 184 brake horsepower for the diesel.

The next generation BMW X1 will demand a small premium over the current model on it’s arrival in 2015 with a starting price of around £28,000.