Robbie Savage Splashes out on £300 Hyundai

Robbie Savage Splashes out on £300 Hyundai

Forget Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s, the usual fabulous purchases that come with the wonderment of being a footballer. Robbie Savage has spent “hard earned” cash on a £300 Hyundai at a car auction. So it looks like the days are gone in which Robbie Savage turned up at the Derby club in an £160,000 Mercedes, more modest cars seem to be the route he is going down as of late.

Robbie Savage’s retirement appears to have hit him hard

It looks as though his retirement from football last year has hit Savage financially, as he explained that he no longer earns £30,000 a week playing for a Premier League side and was looking to acquire a bargain at the auction. Robbie Savage’s previous motor purchases have included a Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin and of course Mercedes. His new motor is ten years old.

Savage exclaimed “I like the colours more than anything. I like the bit where they’ve filled it in with a bit of plastic and it is taxed until the end of the month, so I have done well.” However I doubt we will be seeing Savage driving round in his latest investment, when he has such glamorously immense cars under his belt to choose from. It is hard to see why Savage has bought this car, on a serious note he doesn’t have money worries, so maybe he really does just find this car interesting.

Robbie Savage admitted he hadn’t driven a manual car for years

After stalling as he drove his new car off, Savage explained that he hadn’t driven a car with gears for a long time.

Maybe this is a turning point for football. Are the ridiculous thousands of pounds spent on Champagne going to stop? Are footballers feeling the pinch aswell? Are we going to see more modest jewellery, clothes, cars and homes belonging to them? I somehow doubt it!