Renault believe pure electric vehicles should get greater Government discounts

Renault believe pure electric vehicles should get greater Government discounts

Renault have expressed their belief that pure electric vehicles such as the Fluence and ZOE should get greater Government discounts than plug in hybrids.

At the minute, any electric vehicle that has a 70 mile range between charged is eligible for a subsidy of £5,000. Plug in hybrid models that emit 75g of Co2 or less and can do 10 miles on pure electric power, also qualify for the same scheme.

Renault’s chief operating officer has expressed his happiness for the Government support the company has received

The Chief Operating Officer for Renault has expressed that they are happy to have support for clean vehicles as it helps the industry to grow. He went on to say that they are happy with support that is currently received from the Government, though he would be even happier if it was strictly proportional to the emissions, which means that if it is zero then it should certainly not be the same as a vehicle that emits 50, 60 or 100km.

Whilst the Chief Operating officer has expressed that he is indeed a fan of the discount from the government, he is less keen on the discounting from his own company and expresses that the days of bargain bucket Renault deals are long gone. He said that they do not have as much intention to discount like they have in the past, as it destroys the value for Renault as a brand and for the entire motor industry. Renault is looking to step out of that world. He also said that he believes that Renault suffer due to many of the company’s competitors being desperate and making moves in a market that is not brand friendly.

Renault’s upmarket Initiale Paris brand will be debuting in Latin America or Asia

He also suggested that Renault’s plans for the upmarket brand, Initiale Pairs, will be debuting in Latin America or Asis, rather than in Europe.