Recent Renault advert Banned

Recent Renault advert Banned

A recent Renault advert has been banned by the advertising watchdog for featuring rather scantily dressed dancers, saying that it objectifies women.

The YouTube advert for the Renault Clio featured young people who were taking their car for a test drive round London, who then find themselves transported to a scene in Paris where they then push a button on the dashboard of the car that is labelled, Va Va Voom.

Amongst other stereotypical French scenes, a group of women are shown wearing lingerie, indicating a burlesque style scene and are dancing around the drivers and the car. One of the women blows a kiss to the driver of the car and then the dancers then walk away to show a billboard that says Reignite your Va Va Voom.

The ASA received a complaint that the Renault advert objectified women

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority received a complaint that the advert objectified women and was offensive.

Renault UK explained that the advert was intended as a Parody of French culture and that the burlesque style dancers were a reference to Moulin Rouge and were not overtly sexual. Renault also said that the video had around 3,000,000 views on YouTube and the company were unaware of any other complaints the advert had received.

The Watchdog however said that it was concerned that the advert featured some shots of the dancer’s bottoms and breasts in which their heads had been obscured and so they considered invited people viewing the video to view the women as sexual objects.

ASA showed concerns of dress and choreography shown in the Renault advert

The ASA also said that it was concerned that the choreography shown, the facial expressions and dress of the dancers was sexually provocative. They explained that they considered that the Renault advert objectified the dancers by portraying them as sexual objects and it was likely to cause widespread offence.