Porsche and Pot, what do they have in common?

Porsche and Pot, what do they have in common?

When you imagine a Porsche Cayenne or a Panamera im sure you imagine beautiful cars worth some £60,000 and £40,000  and anyone who is lucky enough to own one is extremely privileged. It appears that some particular people in Amsterdam have other ideas for these wonderful machines. Allegedly the Porsche Cayenne’s headlights also shine some very helpful light onto cannabis plants, similar to the lamps that cannabis growers usually use to start their marijuana crops. So of course, when thinking of Amsterdam this does seem pretty apt, certain Deutsch individuals have even started stealing the headlights off some of these vehicles, i’m sure you can imagine what for.

Porsche headlights going missing

Imagine coming out of your home one morning to find that your car is still there but the headlights are missing, well if this has ever happened, then now you know why. It is actually extremely interesting how somebody discovered this in the first place. A Miami-Dade judge has even recently just approved a lawsuit proving that Porsche’s design of the headlights are actually too easy to steal. Usually the proprietors would be the ones being punished for stealing, instead the manufacturer is being penalised for their design.

20 people claimed headlights have been ripped from their Porsche

In just one week, in Holland alone, the Newspaper De Telegraff reported that twenty owners of the Porsche Cayenne have found their headlights ripped out from their SUV’s. This may seem like a slightly unbelievable and funny scenario but the fact of the matter is this is only the beginning. The more and more people who learn about this may wish to play their own part in the stealing and using of the headlights for slightly sinister uses. Maybe it is only right that Porsche reconsider the style and make up of their Cayenne and Panamera headlights in the future, to avoid such bizarre problems and associations as this one.