Police Doctor involved in Police Chase!

Police Doctor involved in Police Chase!

Drunken Police Doctor involved in Police Pursuit

A drunken police doctor who was arrested following two car crashes and an actual police pursuit has been awarded with a suspended jail sentence. Dr Christopher Partington had even tried to avoid officers by running away on foot following the second of the crashes. It was explained to Magistrates that the 48 Year old, who is from Knowstone in Devon, was in fact an alcoholic.

The Doctor was sentenced suspended for a year, sentenced to eight weeks in jail and was banned from driving for four years. He admitted drink driving and failing to stop as required following a road accident, he also admitted to failing to stop for a police officer, his behavior was described as obstructive.

Karen Ball, the prosecutor said that a police patrol has ordered Dr Partington to stop his car on the North Devon Link Road (A361), after the first crash reports explaining the details and description of his car were told to the police. The Doctor actually indicated, suggesting that he was going to turn into a lay-by, however he pulled out straight away and then zoomed off. He lost control coming onto a bend and then crashed the vehicle. The sentencing magistrate expressed his disgust by claiming that it literally doesn’t get any worse than that.

Dr Partington took to running after this crash, however was arrested a short while later and gave a breath test readind of 134 micrograms of alcohol, which is almost four times the limit of 35. It has been told to the court that Dr Partington had actually been convicted of drink driving previously to this, in April of 2011.

Partington’s lawyer explained how difficult this situation is due to the fact an alcoholic police doctor, is supposed to be doing a job that includes attending police stations advising and assessing other people who are actually in exactly the same situation as him, who have been drink driving.

Police Doctor had drank nearly 4 times legal drinking limit

On the day of the pursuit, it had been stressed that Dr Partington appeared to be rather depressed and had took it upon himself to drink a very large quantity of alcohol. Magistrates who were sentencing the Doctor explained how serious the matter was to him, saying that not only has he had a previous disqualification due to drinking excess alcohol, he was also involved with two extremely serious incidents and he ran away, failing to face up to the police and what he had done.