Petrol sales have declined by 20% over the last 5 years

Petrol sales have declined by 20% over the last 5 years

Recently released official figures from the government have shown that petrol sales have declined by over 20% over the last five years. The data, which was published by the Department for Energy and Climate Change has shown that since 2007, the total petrol sold in the United Kingdom has dropped from 22 Billion litres, to 17 Billion litres.

The decline in petrol sales is not reflected for diesel

This decline in petrol sales on  the forecourt however has not been reflected in the amounts of diesel that has been sold in the same time period. Heavier fuel sales actually increased from the years 2007 – 2012, from 14 billion to 16 billion litres, though the overall forecourt fuel revenue still declined by 9% over the last half a decade.

This difference in the balance of sales has been put down to the increasing switchover to more cars with frugal diesel engines, as well as customers increasing their attempts to downsize to more efficient vehicles with smaller petrol engines.

Around 10% of new cars sold in 2010 were powered by diesel. In 2012 this figure rose to over 50%, which highlighted the change of the fuel mix of vehicles in the United Kingdom and proved a contributing factor, for the rather rapid drop off in sales of petrol. It is also believed that the rise in fuel prices have actually led a large number of motorists to use their vehicles a lot less.

This announcement of the recent results follows a decline of over 10% in fuel sales on the whole, through the middle of last year.

Almost 500 Million litres less fuel was sold over the three month period between the months of April and June last year, in comparison to the same time period in the previous year of 2011, according to The Department for Energy and Climate Change.

A Greater take up on diesel cars has affected petrol sales

Edmund King, the president of the AA said on the recent figures. There is a greater take up of diesel powered cars and smaller petrol powered vehicles and this has contributed to the decline in United Kingdom fuel sales for the long term. Though, the soar in prices at the pump has naturally taken a huge toll on the sale of petrol recently too. During the price surges of 10p a litre last March and October, petrol sales fell by almost 5%.