Pay for parking, with conkers?

Pay for parking, with conkers?

This next bit of information will likely be news to everybody’s ears, well everybody who lives in Manchester and Leeds that is. Have you ever had the dream, where money didn’t matter and you could purchase things with peanuts and candy floss, well this dream has come true, kind of.

Would you like to trade in conkers to pay for your parking?

It would likely be a comical management meeting at Town Centre Car Parks (TCCP) when this idea was originally brought to light, the idea of actually accepting conkers, yes conkers, instead of cash, for parking your car. Though what has become clear is, whoever did suggest this idea was not actually escorted from the building by the men in white coats. From the 16th of September until the 22nd of September, TCCP’s car parks in Manchester and Leeds are taking payment for parking, in conkers.

For one week only, you can put the pointless conker collecting activity to good use, encourage your children and relatives, we all know how much they love to collect conkers and rather than having a useless pile of them in your home, pay for your parking with them. Yes, it is absolutely insane and brilliant all at the same time. The exchange rate for the system is actually rather generous aswell, each conker has the value of 20p and drivers are able to use anything up to 50 of them, worth £10, to settle their bill.

The conkers used must be completely intact, with no holes drilled in them, as they will be rejected. TCCP has promised that after this campaign funds will be donated to the Hetchell Wood Nature Reserve which is near bardsley and managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. There has been no word as of yet about what they are going to do with all of the conkers.

There has been an overwhelming response to the bonkers for conkers parking campaign

A managing director at TCCP stated that there has been an overwhelming response to the campaign, called bonkers for conkers and TCCP is extremely excited about it. The managing director went on to say that TCCP thought it would be amazing to give something back. Lets hope that this new idea moves onto other things other than parking, such as paying for a new Ferrari with liquorice allsorts.