Noise limits for new cars

Noise limits for new cars

Under legislation by European Parliament new cars could be forced to be made quieter. Allegedly under the new law, the noise limits for vehicles will be highly tightened to try and protect public health, with the recommendation also of introducing labels to make new consumers aware about the noise levels of a car that they may be interested in. A similar approach has also been taken as part of a system to label new tyres also. It has been said by MEP’s that the new cars should be labelled to help inform consumers as consistently being exposed to traffic noise is not healthy and can be physically draining as long as causing some long term health issues.

New electric car noise issues?

This is interesting in comparison to the growing concern that has been shown he MEP’s over the growing number of electric cars and hybrids. MEP’s are calling electric cars silent dangers and have voted on models being made to be more noisy, so that people are more aware of them when they are driving on roads. It appears that noise is a huge issue within the car manufacturing market at the moment.

This new draft legislation is looking to enforce these new noise limits for brand new vehicle models in six years with vehicles that are already in production having to comply within eight. Under the new law it has been said that the limit for a standard vehicle would have to be reduced from 74db to 68, with an extra margin of around 2 and 6db being allowed for more powerful vehicles. The biggest trucks would have a limit of 81db.

The European Parliament however has recognised that road noise is of course due to a lot more than just vehicles. They explained that other factors need to be addressed such as the quality of road tar, tyres and aerodynamics.

It has been said that news of this legislation will more than likely be a relief to people who are living close to busy noisy roads.