Nissan and Fiat’s spat after comments at the LA auto show

Nissan and Fiat’s spat after comments at the LA auto show

Nissan has spat back after it’s Leaf Ev’s look was mocked by an executive at Fiat last month whilst Fiat’s 500e EV was unveiled. The fiat marketing head had ridiculed the car by leaving comments such as, “Ugliness is one of the worst forms of pollution” at the LA auto show. Then saying that their very own 500e showed that you don’t have to compromise on good looks when delivering an electric car.

Nissan have made their feelings clear

Nissan’s executive has made his feelings perfectly clear and retorted that Fiat might want to take a look in the mirror. Fiat has not hid away from controversial styling themselves. The head of Global Marketing for Nissan said. He continued with many people could describe their models as visual pollution, look at the Fiat Doblo. Which is a vehicle like a van which is only sold in Fiat’s European and Brazilian Markets. The executive also claimed that Fiat were out of order for their criticism towards Nissan’s EV efforts, he went on to say that the LEAF was fully functioning and it’s rival was just a gimmick which was purposely formed to satisfy the requirements of California emissions.

Nissan say Fiat don’t have the credibility to address statements to anybody

His rant continued saying “Fiat chose the smallest vehicle with the least amount of functionality for passengers.” he also said that they didn’t have the credibility to be able to address such statements to anybody.  When asked for answers about the disappointing U.S Sales with regards to the leaf, he blamed the lack of charging infrastructure, not it’s looks.