Liberal Democrats plan to ban most cars by 2040 in favour of low carbon vehicles

Liberal Democrats plan to ban most cars by 2040 in favour of low carbon vehicles

The Liberal Democrats have an aim to ban almost all cars from the roads, by the year 2040, according to a policy proposal from the party. The new plans would apparently only see ultra low carbon vehicles permitted on United Kingdom carriageways for non-freight purposes.

Other plans from the party include introducing a road pricing scheme, which is an initiative that has already been raised under the current Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. The new proposals, which are going to be discussed in Glasgow in September at a Liberal Democrat conference reveal how some members of the party want to outlaw all, apart from the most environmentally friendly, low emissions private vehicles.

This means that the vehicles you love at the moment could be scrapped for low carbon vehicles

This could mean that the vehicle that you so love, that you are driving around in today and even the vehicles that you buy within the next ten years, would not be allowed on roads in the United Kingdom, by law in 2040. A focus on emissions, already moving towards low carbon vehicles by the year 2020, is already a policy of the government.

Sales of mass produced low carbon vehicles, which are classed as hydrogen powered, electric or plug in hybrid vehicles have not recorded any meaningful numbers as of yet. Despite this, the threshold for the London Congestion Charge was revised down to 75g of Co2 on the 1st of last month, in an effort to stop the harmful tailpipe gases and to improve the quality of air in London.

Rapid diesel and petrol prices over recent years suggest that low carbon vehicles will be a lot more attractive in years to come

While rapid diesel and petrol price rises over the last couple of years suggest that costs of crude oil will reach a stage that makes low emission alternatively fuelled vehicles a lot more attractive to vehicles, the exact timing of this point is not clear by any means.