James Bond Aston Martin with gadgets for $4.69M

James Bond Aston Martin with gadgets for $4.69M

It is almost a certainty that every boy and some girls even out there have fantasised about owning a car like the one that James Bond has, with gadgets all over to protect yourself and to be the hottest thing on the street. The opportunity has actually arose for a lucky buyer out there to purchase an Aston Martin DB5, though that is not all, this is not your average classic Aston Martin model, this one has been converted for the promotion of the James Bond series. The model is on the market for around $4.69 Million, 10 times the highest ever recorded price for an Aston Martin car and has gadgets features from a bullet proof window to front machine guns, oil slicks and license plates that rotate.

The model was one of 4 Aston’s used for the James Bond Franchise

I think it is safe to say that this is the absolute original high technology vehicle. This model is one of the four Aston’s used for the James Bond Franchise and one of the couple that has gadget upgrades from Q Branch.

RS Williams, Aston Martin specialists are the ones selling the model with it’s 13 James Bond style gadgets that actually work. The car of course is highly valuable anyway for being used for the promotion of the James Bond films, nevermind it’s other gadgets. There have been enquiries made into this fantastic motor from all across the world, from extremely interested car enthusiasts, James Bond fans and buyers.

The car’s brochure features a list of the James Bond gadgets

The brochure that will come with the model when it is purchased by a lucky buyer is of course rather unusual, as it lists all of the gadgets featured within the car, what they do and how you can activate them. There are front and back bump extensions, a rear wheel tire slicing device and a radar screen. Lets hope the buyer for this amazing and rare vehicle, doesn’t have any ulterior motives.