iPhone helps to find car thief!

iPhone helps to find car thief!

Police have used the find my iPhone to track a burglar, who stole an Audi A6. The thief was jailed after the couple he stole from used the app on their iphone to track where he had taken their car.

The thief had broken into the house in Ormskirk and stole the keys to the couples Audi A6, as well as an iPhone and and their laptop. The couple heard the thief breaking in and taking their items and so called the police as he drove off in their beloved Audi.

The couple had the find my iPhone app installed on the iPhone

When the police arrived they asked the couple if they had the Find my iPhone app installed on the iPhone. The couple said that it did and so they logged onto a computer and used the app service to find the exact location of where the thief was in their car. The police dispatched a helicopter and also directed a number of Patrol cars to the thief, who then left the car and attempted to escape on foot instead. He was then arrested and Jailed for 3 years and 10 months.

The couple have said that they were extremely frustrated by what had happened. They believed the thief was targeting homes that had nice cars parked outside and they had only recently upgraded from their old Mondeo to the Audi as a celebration on one of them gaining a new job. They expressed how pleased they were that they had installed the app onto their iPhone, as this literally enabled the police to find the thief in his exact location.

The couple encourage all motorists to download the find my iPhone app

The couple have since encouraged all motorists to install the app onto their iPhone’s, just incase they are targeted by a thief and they take their phone also. The App is completely free to download from the iTunes store. The app is equally useful to locate your phone if you happen to use it, never mind to find car thieves.