How to appeal your parking ticket!

How to appeal your parking ticket!

There are over 8 Million parking tickets handed out each year in the UK and some of these could be contested. I know someone who just the other day received a parking ticket, when they had a valid pass at the front of their windscreen, therefore they have the right to contest the ticket. The key here is to be honest, we have all been there and it is very frustrating to receive a parking ticket, however you need to look at your vehicle and whether or not the ticket, as frustrating as it is, was actually deserved. If you can honestly see that your ticket has been received fairly, no matter how frustrating, then please don’t waste the time contesting it.

If you really believe you do not deserve a parking ticket then…

However, if you genuinely believe that you do not deserve the ticket that you receive, then by all means contest it. The only worry is, when you are first issued with a parking ticket, you have 14 days to pay it, in which case it will then be halved. For example, the typical parking ticket fine for parking in an unacceptable place is £120, halved to 60 if paid within 14 days. If you would like to appeal your ticket, then write a letter to your local council explaining exactly why, provide a photograph if you have one, this will help towards your case, for example if you have a pass showing but the ticket was still issued. However, this will more than likely be the last chance you have to have a halved penalty fine. If you are writing to the council appealing your ticket, then this process may take over 14 days, you may ask for the fine to be frozen, however it is not guaranteed that your council will grant this request. Therefore, if you are not confident that you will win your appeal, after the process has been carried out, your fine may be back up to the £120 and if you lose your appeal, this is the amount you will owe. So be careful!

If you are confident and you do appeal, your council will either accept the challenge and withdraw your fine or they will reject your appeal. If your appeal is rejected, the council will send you out a Notice to Owner form with which you are to make your formal representations. You are then entitled to a further 14 days to make them, this is where you explain why your ticket should be cancelled. Then the council can either reject or accept your representations. If rejected you will then be sent a Notice of Rejection of your Representation and Appeal form. Following this you have 28 days to appeal with the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service. This is independent from the council and will ensure the decision of your case. However you must be aware that if you are to fail in your appeal your fine will be increased by 50%.

Here are some grounds on which it should be acceptable for you to appeal your parking ticket.

  • Misleading signs, signs that are not visible
  • The penalty exceeded the amount it should have been
  • If you were not the owner of the vehicle when the parking ticket was issued
  • The vehicle was stolen when the parking ticket was issued
  • If you are a hire company
  • A ticket was never put on the car
  • A valid pass was on show
  • Something was missing from your parking ticket
  • If you were loading your vehicle

These are not the only reasons you can appeal but we advise to be completely confident before you do so. Also get to know the rules and regulations of parking tickets and where and why they should be issued, it could save you a lot of money.