Hitch-hiking Kitty travels one meow short of 60 Miles Under car bonnet

Hitch-hiking Kitty travels one meow short of 60 Miles Under car bonnet

Have you ever wondered where your feline friend is all day? Maybe this can shed some light on things. A cat from Belfast travelled almost 60 miles to Derry last week, in nowhere other than under a car bonnet. Driver Gary O’Sullivan explained that during his journey he heard strange noises coming from his car, presuming it was his engine purring, he carried on. On stopping on his arrival to Derry at a car park he decided to check the noise out and low and behold a stowaway Tabby was hiding beneath the bonnet. Gary presumed that the cat must of crept into his car earlier that morning whilst he was heating it, who can blame him with our plummeting temperatures, so unbeknownst to him was carrying an extra passenger.

A facebook campaign has been set up to find the owner of the cat

The shocked and shaken up tabby cat was driven back to the Rainbow Rehoming Centre and a Facebook campaign was put in place to help find it’s owner. The Driver has also placed posters around his local area, as he explained that that must be where the cat is from, as he didn’t stop on the way to Derry. The Kitty who has four white paws is wearing a collar and appears to be extremely friendly, so must be a family pet and so every effort is being made to return him to his home, where his family, after their worry would probably be amused at what he has been getting up to behind their backs.

The cat is recovering well

The kitty is recovering well after his shock, there were a few marks on him but nothing to worry about, he is being fed well and appears to be quite content with the care and attention he has been given.

Hopefully this will be a one off event and it wont be regular for drivers to find animals hiding away in their vehicles, although it seems like they may have others ideas. With the winter weather getting even colder, rather than putting a jumper on, it is clear that whilst out on their travels cats and other animals alike may try and squat within your car.

In the unlikely event that anything like this happens to you, or you have a worry about a certain animal then don’t hesitate to contact your local animal shelter or RSPCA, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to animal welfare. In the meantime, keep your car doors locked, you never know what your cat may be thinking.