Fury with Rising Petrol Costs

Fury with Rising Petrol Costs

People are furious with the January plans to up petrol prices once again and claim that the Chancellor really should be focusing on more important issues within Britain. The British Retail Consortium have exclaimed that more important things should be addressed to kick start the consumer economy such as companies being awarded a 12 month national insurance break, when they have taken on young people and freezing business rates.

Government should be focused on more important things than upping petrol prices

ASDA, Tesco and Boots, who are involved within the group as members have warned the Government and Chancellor that the confidence within consumers is remaining “stubbornly weak” and sale expansion amongst high street retailers has become flat, they also said that costs for business are rising at a fast pace.

The BRC has also accused our Government of setting up a large number of ineffective schemes and initiatives that they have promised will boost economy growth. He also urges Government and chancellor to remain focused on the more important matters, the very few “concrete” measures that actually promise to somehow boost the economy, which certainly has been flailing. The director general went on to exclaim that “The chancellorshould avoid distractions and diversions and focus on the small number of pro-growth measures that will really make a difference to customers, employees and businesses.”

Petrol rises set for January

The BRC has asked of the Government, completely cancel the once again rising petrol rise set to take place in January. To Freeze the rates of businesses, instead of once again rising them to the supposed 2.6% that has been planned for April Forget about the costly carbon reduction commitment. The national insurance holiday for 16-24 year olds in the first 12 months of work. Keep the increases of the minimum wage more suitable according to how the economic climate stands. The risks with regards to the retail economy are apparently remaining on the downside.

There are allegedly one in nine shops in Britain that are wasted and empty and that daunting figure is said to be supposedly looking to rise to four in ten in some parts of the Country. The chancellor has been asked not to put any more pain onto households and current retailers who may already be struggling by adding extra costs. Britain is actually out of the Recession, however the BRC ensure that huge challenges are left and that confidence amongst consumers is plummeting, to the lows which were record of 2008. It appears that our very own British Government needs to take more interest in our very own British people before they hike up any more prices which could land more of us in serious petrol predicaments.