Ford Bridgend secures jobs with 24m Engine production

Ford Bridgend secures jobs with 24m Engine production

A new investment which is said to be costing £24 million for a brand new greener engine to be produced at Ford’s plant in Bridgend will apparently secure jobs. Production on the 1.5 petrol ecoboost engine is said to be starting next year at the Bridgend factory, which currently employs over 2,000 people. Industry experts welcomed the news with open arms and said that the safeguarding of jobs within the plant makes the surrounding area a lot more financially secure. Ford praised the Government in Wales for putting £12 million towards this project, during the official announcement on Monday.

Bridgend plant is still extremely significant to Ford

Although the Bridgend plant is a small part of a Worldwide operation, it is still significant. A third of the Word’s Ford engines are made in either Bridgend or Dagenham. The company does admit that things are rather brutally competitive in Europe, though the Bridgend plant is actually sending engines Worldwide. The fact that the factory will be developing and producing the next generation of petrol engines puts Bridgend in a  good position to ensure that the future if bright for Ford, the factory and it’s employees.

A spokesperson for the company explained that car companies have been focusing investment on developing greener, much more fuel efficient engines, ahead of the new regulations that will be coming into place. Cardiff University’s Professor Kevin Morgan said that private sector jobs are definitely worth their weight in gold in the current economy in Wales.

Ford are one of the leading private sector employers in Wales

Ford are one of the leading private sector employers in Wales, having 2,150 workers, whilst Tata Steel is the biggest with 7,000 workers.

After the production stars next year, it is said to be ramped up over the next couple of years to ensure that the output from Bridgend is maintained as it’s optimum capacity during this period.

The workforce is expected to grow to 2,300 workers, which will  be the most that have ever been employed at Bridgend by Ford.