European Union steps in to resolve Mercedes air conditioning disputes

European Union steps in to resolve Mercedes air conditioning disputes

The EU has stepped in to take action to resolve the on-going dispute that is going on between Mercedes-Benz and the French Government, following the French Government’s ban on sales of four Mercedes luxury models in their country. This particular spat came about after the company refused to change the refrigerant that is used in some Mercedes vehicles’ air conditioning, as instructed by a European Commission directive.

The European Commission ruled that the gas in some Mercedes models was more harmful than CO2

The European Commission ruling came after claims that the gas, which is called R134a, that is used in the air conditioning systems of some Mercedes models is even more harmful than Co2, in regards to global warming. Stating that all manufacturers must swap to the R1234yf substance.

Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes claims that the new gas is even more flammable than the previous refrigerant that they are using and poses a safety risk to consumers. Therefore it is refusing to make the change to the R1234yf substance.

This meant that the French Government placed restrictions on the sales of the company’s cars in France, including the CLA compact saloon, SL roadster, A-Class and B-Class models.

Daimler had received certificates to state that Mercedes models complied with EU law

It claimed that Daimler had received certificates from KBA, the German automobile authority that stated that it had complied with European Union mobile air conditioning law, though it  had not changed the gas, all pre existing models in production are technically allowed to use R134a until 2017.

Paris invoked an European Union safeguard procedure to initiate a ban on the sale of Mercedes vehicles to prevent any damage to public health or the environment.

Officials from the European Union in Brussels are in talks with both the French and German Governments to try and resolve this issue and are likely to be meeting with both sides later on this year in September, to determine what the outcome for these particular Mercedes models is.