European Car sales fall for the 12th Consecutive month

European Car sales fall for the 12th Consecutive month

European Union Car sales fell for the 12th month consecutively last September. The demand for cars from the European union countries (27) actually fell almost 11% from the previous year. Of all of the major markets it seems that our very own UK has been the only European Country to grow, rising 8.2% in one year.

Over 1 million new European Union registrations Carmakers had last month, with almost 9 and a half million cars being sold this year up until now. The major car markets, which of course has been brought down by recession, high unemployment and spending cuts fell massively in September.

Even Car Manufacturing Giant Germany’s car sales drop

Germany who have the greatest economy of Europe and of course is one of the largest manufacturers of cars in the world, saw sales drop almost 11%. France by almost 18%, Italy by almost 28% and Spain by a massive 36.8%, from the month of September, the previous year.

Across the European Union, the almost 11% drop in the month of September is the greatest decline of the past 12 months. Allegedly there is no sign whatsoever of recovery. Car sales have allegedly dropped by 4 million a year since 2007. Of course Cars are a purchase that you can hang on to for a few years, maybe six or seven, before you have to buy a new one, maybe even longer. There is said to be no car market anymore in certain parts of Europe and so it cannot be said that 2013 is going to be any better.

Greece, which has been bailed out twice, is coming up to it’s 6th year of recession saw sales decline by almost half since September 2011 and are down more than 40% in 2012. Between the months January and September of this year, the European Union Car Market declined by 7.6% compared to the previous year.

UK car sales are proving good

Though once again the UK has proved to have a positive showing so far this year, up by 4.3% so far, which is excellent compared to the high decline in such countries as Spain and Italy.

Lets hope that these declines do not become any more destructive and next year in 2013, Car sales in countries that seem to be failing at the moment should be revoked.