Driver is issued speed ticket in unmoving car

Driver is issued speed ticket in unmoving car

Are speed cameras always working as they should?

Daniel Doty was issued a $40 speeding ticket when a speed camera in baltimore apparently saw his Mazda wagon going 38mph in a 25mph zone. The only thing was, the vehicle was blatantly standing still when the speed camera caught it. Surprisingly enough, this isn’t and wont be the first time that a speed camera is wrong.

Two pictures that arrived when the ticket was issued, clearly indicated that Doty stopped briefly at traffic lights, as his brake lights were lit up. A video clip lasting around 3 seconds showed the car standing still as traffic continued on up the street.

Doty explained that is was extremely obvious that his car was still when the camera picked the vehicle up and he is confused as to why he could have possibly have been given a ticket. He will appear in court to challenge the infraction.

As stated earlier this is unfortunately not the first and only time that a speed camera has made a mistake. An investigation was recently published in the US, showing speed cameras to make errors quite frequently, wasting resources and of course time as judges are caused to throw out tickets.

Take speeding and speed cameras seriously

Many people, once issued a ticket will automatically believe that they are the ones in the wrong and not even query where and when the ticket happened. This proves that although this story is from the US that speed cameras can be and are wrong some of the time, so there is no harm in challenging a ticket that you may be unsure of. Though of course, if you are fully aware that you are going over the speed limit, then don’t waste your own time and our countries resources challenging speed camera.