Drink Driver pretended to be brother to escape charges

Drink Driver pretended to be brother to escape charges

A drink driver from Tauranga, who had previously used his brothers I.D to get into clubs etc went a step too far when he pretended to be his brother when he was stopped by police. Phillip Tuhakaraina who is 26 had been stopped for drink driving and appeared at Court last September where he carried on pretending that he was his brother whilst pleading guilty to excess breath alcohol whilst driving. Due to this his older brother Major Tuhakaraina was of course held responsible for the offence and was convicted and fined $750 plus the court costs and was also disqualified from driving for 6 months.

Drink Driver had brothers ID to be able to get into clubs

Phillip Tuhakaraina was of course found out when his older brother received the paperwork from the Ministry of Justice that was related to the drink driver conviction. Phillip Tuhakaraina saw himself back in court due to this revelation where he then came clean and pleaded guilty to trying to pervert the course of justice, this charge normally attracts a maximum seven years in prison. Police revealed that on September the 4th the night before Tuhakaraina had been stopped, both of the brothers had been drinking at various clubs in the center of Tauranga. Major Tuhakaraina had leant his younger brother his I.D which he usually used to be able to get into nighclubs. So the next day, when Phillip Tuhakaraina was stopped by police, he already had the identification on him and decided to give his brothers details instead.

The drink driver has now accepted full charges

The breath test that was carried out at the time indicated that he was driving with 896 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath which is more than double the legal limit. Philip Tuhakaraina admitted when he was questioned by Police that he had pretended to be his brothers and that it was a stupid idea.  His lawyer explained to the judge that Phillip Tuhakaraina would be also pleading guilty to one charge of driving with an excess breath alcohol when police were to lay the charges. He was remanded on bail whilst waiting for sentencing and his conditions include being banned from driving a vehicle.