Citroen Ds3 and Ds4 up for design awards

Citroen Ds3 and Ds4 up for design awards

The Citroen DS3 and the Citroen DS5 have been announced as finalists for one of Australia’s most prestigious design awards, the Australian International Design Award for 2013. Both DS cars feature in the transport design and automotive category, were clear finalists due to their style and sophistication and of course their design.

The Citroen Ds3 can be personalized with a wide range of styling components

The DS3 is a rather assertive vehicle that can be personalized if customers so desire, with a wide range of styling components. The on road dyamic performance of the car blends both sportiness and efficiency, whilst the sheer intelligence of it’s design makes a modular vehicle,. that can adapt in all situations.

The Citroen DS5 has been described as a sophisticated vehicle

The DS5 hatchback, which is the flagship model of Citroen’s premium DS range, is a large car, it is a sophisticated vehicle and also has an intelligent design that actually transcends the regular compromises faced between shared well being and driving pleasure. The cabin style of the vehicle has been inspired by aviation, so the DS5 is definitely a car that offers good looks along with it’s easy handling.

The jury of the Australian International Design Award consists of leading experts in design from fields of engineering, architecture, software and electronics design, industrial design, design strategy, communications design and service design. The Jury, behind closed doors closely inspect every entry and then evaluates them against the assessment criteria.

Each member of the jury has been chosen based on the experience they have in certain areas, along with their ability to be able to bring a unique perspective to the process

The category winners will be announced at the Australian Internation Design Awards 2013 presentation ceremony, which is taking place on May 30th in Sydney. Lets see if the Citroen Ds3 and Citroen Ds5 make the grade.