Christmastime New car and No wine

Christmastime New car and No wine

Sensible Measures this Christmas

Christmas is the original fat season, with people eating as much as they can possibly manage and drinking themselves into a stupor. We would like to remind you that drink driving is absolutely unacceptable, at Christmas or anytime and we would urge everyone to think about the repercussions before they did such a thing. However, sometimes it does not matter if you’re the one who is drink driving or not, you could be involved in a collision with somebody else, who unfortunately has not taken the sensible route and has decided to drive anyway after their one two many mulled wines.

This in fact is not a lighthearted situation, an event such as this could happen anytime, not just at Christmas, but being the holiday season, high spirits and new cars on the roads, please be aware that some people will just not have the same amount of common sense as you. Whether it is generally just speeding, due to the excitement of their favorite Christmas Present, their brand new car, or driving whilst drunk, if you happen to be involved in an accident, please make sure you are covered. Hoping that everybody involved in the accident is OK and recovers well, the most important thing apart from that is your insurance.

What can Gap Insurance do for you at Christmas?

If you are gaining a wonderful new car at Christmas, or delighting someone else with the surprise, it may be the right decision to consider Gap Insurance. Whether it is RTI Gap Insurance, VRI Gap Insurance or Finance Gap Insurance, it really could save you thousands of pounds. After spending obscene amounts of money on presents and food, ensuring the perfect family Christmas, imagine your horror on being involved in an accident or theft, to find that your motor insurer will only reimburse you with the amount your car is now worth, which due to depreciation rates, would have more than likely decreased. Being covered with Gap Insurance, depending on which one you choose, could either top up the remaining owed balance (Finance), Reimbursing the amount your car was originally bought for (Return to Invoice), or getting you the same standard of vehicle that you drove away from the showroom in (VRI)

Please don’t make a huge mistake, paying for Gap Insurance may seem like something you’re not interested in but it really is a shame more people are not aware of this fantastic answer, it really can be the difference between thousands of pounds. Protect your present, or someone elses. It would not be ideal this Christmas, if heaven forbid you or a loved one were involved in an accident, whether it be your fault or the result of a collision brought on by a drunk driver. Don’t let it destroy a well earned holiday, by giving you extreme financial worries, after spending so much time effort and money on making everything wonderful. The last thing anyone would want is stress, money worries and an unhappy time at Christmas, with Gap insurance you can rest assured that the cover provided really can take a load off your mind in such an unfortunate situation.