Car Salespeople pay more for their car insurance

Car Salespeople pay more for their car insurance

Recent research has suggested that car salespeople is the priciest professional with regards to buying car insurance, motor traders actually pay on average a staggering £10,022 for their car insurance cover. released the car insurance statistics who have produced the recent statistics used quotes that it had made over the year up until March 2013 and revealed that car salespeople pay around 13 times more for their annual fully comprehensive cover, than the average cost.

High car insurance quotes extend to other people in the automotive sector

High insurance quotes apparently extend to other people who are working in the automotive sector aswell, as the data indicated that car valet was the second most expensive profession when it came to insuring a vehicle, with the average cost being £4,943 annually.

Window cleaner followed closely behind in third place, with professional football apprentice coming in fourth, with an average of £4,830 and £4,038 per year respectively.

These particular jobs contrast with those occupations that are classed as “state school bursars”, who on average, only pay £370 for a full years comprehensive insurance coverage, which makes this the job with the lowest costing car insurance costs.

That position is followed by the “head of personnel” role, which has an average rate of £372 annually. Whilst personal assistants and secretary’s pay just slightly more than that at around £3898 for a year’s insurance.

Rounding off the top four occupations that have the cheapest car insurance were civil service and principal officer, employees who are at this level pay just a little over the yearly average for fully comprehensive car insurance at £396.

According to a spokesperson at there are distinguishing factors that can affect the cost of your car insurance, such as the type of vehicle you own, the area you live in, your profession and your personal driving history.