BMW receive hundreds of advance orders for the i3 model

BMW receive hundreds of advance orders for the i3 model

BMW have received hundreds of advance orders for the i3

BMW have received several hundred orders in advance already for the i3 electric car, which is set to be launched at some point later this year. According to Ian Robertson, who is the global sales and marketing chief for BMW a world tour which has taken in Europe, Japan and the USA has sparked a great interest in the i3 model. Robertson went on to say that the company already have a large number of named and addresses, even though the launch is still six months away. He went on to say that Project i on Facebook has also achieved 1.2 million facebook fans and has raised a rather high level of interest, a lot more than the company expected.

The BMW i3 is currently being winter tested in Sweden

According to Ulrich Kranz, who is the senior Vice President of BMW, the i3 is currently being winter tested in Sweden. Final adjustments are being made and everything is said to be going very well. He went on to say that everybody is really confident and the expectations of the vehicle are extremely high. Kranz has also expressed his belief that electric cars will gain popularity very quickly, overcoming the range anxiety that seems to be the main worry with buyers, as battery technology carries on improving and through range extender technology and hybrid vehicles.

Maximillian Kellner, who is the Marketing Chief for the company has pointed out that in 2012, over 92,200 electric vehicles were sold throughout the world, which was up from 4,699 in 2010. The Board chairman Norbert Reithofer speaking at BMW Group’s annual accounts press conference that to have any chance of addressing the growth of ecological challenges throughout the world, then there is no getting away from the use of zero emission driving technology. He said that cities really have no other choice than encouraging the usage of alternative drive systems.

He went on to mention cities like London, with the congestion charges and Beijing where electric vehicles have already been exempt from the allocation of number plates and fees.

The i3 model has been designed with a reinforced carbon fibre plastic passenger compartment and a chassis of aluminium which the company have claimed is 250-350 kgs lighter than other Electric Vehicle passenger cars that are currently on the roads. The model has a range of approximately 90 miles, whilst customers are able to increase this by adding the optional range extender, which is a small petrol engine.