BMW 4 Series 2014

BMW 4 Series 2014

The brand new 4 Series model from BMW, which has a starting price of £31,575 goes on sale at the end of the year.The 4 Series Coupe has been officially unveiled by BMW and will cost around £3,000 more than the the equivalent 3 Series model and around £500 more than the 3 Series Coupe model that it will be replacing.

The BMW 4 Series dimensions are slightly larger than the BMW 3 Series Coupe

The dimensions of the new 4 Series model are slightly larger than those of the 3 Series Coupe. BMW have said that the wheelbase on the 4 Series model is 50mm longer and the total length of the car increases by 26mm. The track of the car has also been widened by 45mm and 81mm at the front and rear respectively.

The roofline is 16mm lower than before and when combined with lowered suspension, the new 4 Series Coupe has the lowest centre of gravity than any BMW that is on sale currently. This should ensure that the newcoming model is an even sharper drive than the current BMW 3 Series Saloon. To make sure that this fact is true and to also give the new 4 Series a more responsive feel, BMW have also tuned the dampers, springs and camber angles, whilst the rear axle has also been tweaked slightly. If you opt for an M Sport model, then you get stiffer suspension, along with Adaptive M Sport set up that features adjustable dampers that is also an option on all versions.

The design of the production car is not as dramatic as the 4 Series Concept that was shown at the Detroit Motor Show in January, though it does get the same lower grille, which wraps around the foglights. The Air Breather that is mounted on the front wings was another thing that was first seen on the concept before it appeared on the X5 and the 3 GT.

The obvious indication of where the extra £3,000 goes over a standard BMW 3 Series Saloon is the amount of kit that is included as standard with the 4 Series model. The range starts with SE models, which feature cruise control, leather upholstery, heated front seats and an electric boot, which are all extras on the 3 Series SE models.

DAB radio, Front and rear parking sensors, Bluetooth and dual zone air conditioning are all also included, whilst all six cylinder 4 Series get metallic paint and electric front seats thrown in aswell. The German automotive giant are also offering buyers a list of hi-tech options aswell, such as a self parking system, active cruise control and a touch sensitive iDrive controller. There is also a lightening system that can keep full beams on constantly, only making the parts that would blind other road users.

Much is the same as in the BMW 3 Series Saloon on the interior of the BMW 4 Series

On the interior of the model, much is the same as the 3 Series Saloon, though the rear only has two seats. Front passengers get an automatic seatbelt feeder. The new 4 Series model offers around 15mm extra legroom than the old 3 Series Coupe does, whilst the boot adds around five litres in comparison to the 3 Series.

There are three petrol and three diesel engines available with the new car. Starting off the diesel range is the 420d, which has the same 181 brake horsepower 2.0 litre engine as the 320d saloon. This can do the 0-62 mile per hour sprint in 7.5 seconds and promises 60.1 miles per gallon in fuel economy. The 420i is the entry levels petrol model, which has the same 181 brake horsepower output.

A little further up the range are the six cylinder 3.0 litre 430d, which produces 254 brake horsepower and the petrol powered 428i and 435i, which produce 242 brake horsepower and 302 brake horsepower respectively. The flagship is a 309 brake horsepower 435d model is, though is only available with the xDrive four wheel drive system. The other two engines can be fitted with four wheel drive also.

The new BMW 4 Series model will be going on sale from October of this year, with the first options being the 420d, 428i and 435i, with the other engines being due the following month. Not all prices have been revealed, though the BMW range will start from £31,575 for the 420d SE.