Bigger discounts offered to women by car Dealerships?

Bigger discounts offered to women by car Dealerships?

An investigation taken out in by Auto Express has showed just how differently men and women are treated when they go to car dealerships. Do you think being male makes it more likely that you’re going to be able to haggle car prices down, or do you think women are the ones with the real persuasive powers for trying to make a saving and to even get extras thrown in by the salesman who is dealing with them.

Men and women in car dealership haggling competition?

Auto Express carried out a test and put man against woman in a haggling competition. Two reports were sent to the same car dealerships and their goal was to go in, look like you want to buy a new car in exactly the same spec and see what extras or discount they could get on the vehicle.

The dealers however were not just rated on the savings they offered the men and women, they were also rated on how long staff took to approach each person and the manner that was used when they did it. Whether they were friendly polite and welcoming or whether they were stressed and just looking to make a sale, whether they were informative and happy to help or whether they were patronising and uninterested with the task in hand.

Salesmen were also scored finally on their negotiation process and how open they were when doing a deal, whether they were aggressive when it came to sales tactics or whether they genuinely went out of their way to keep their customer happy.

So what did the car dealership challenge show?

The female reporter was given a better deal at six out of the ten showrooms that were attended, while Chris definitely had the edge at two of them, with the other two being a dead heat between the genders. So it looks like dealers actually do favor the female sex when it comes to their discounts, though whilst women may have great negotiation skills in comparison to men, they may find themselves subject to rather long and patronising discussions and conversations in showrooms, whilst some reported sales staff were even reported to being sleazy. The worst thing that the male reporter came up against were cocky or uninterested sales staff.

So overall, whether you are a woman or a man, make sure you get everything you want out of a visit to a showroom. Get honest answers from sales staff and don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by sales tactics, remember to try and get all the extras you possibly can, whether you are a woman or a man.