Audi give up on A2 Electric car plans

Audi give up on A2 Electric car plans

Audi have given up on plans to create the production version equivalent of the Audi A2 electric car concept from 2011. The car is inspired by the design of the original spaceframe A2. The new Audi model was planned to begin production around 2015, being both a pure EV and plug in hybrid.

Sources from Audi had stated that the lessons that were learnt due to the A2 project could be used in future models, though the desires for the model which was aluminium framed had been canned. If plans had gone ahead, the new model would definitely have been a categorical competitor for the up and coming BMW i3.

The concept of the A2 used a construction which is similar to the Mercedes A Class, a sandwich floor, which would be the storage space for the battery pack (lithium ion). An 114 brake horse power electric motor would drive the front wheels of the Audi, the German Giant also promised that the battery pack would offer a 125 mile range after just a four hour charge.

Maybe electric cars are not going to be as popular as originally predicted

This move from Audi proves once again that the market for electric vehicles is highly likely to not be as successful as predicted. Renault have also stated disappointing sales with their electric vehicles and it is becoming clear that maybe the public is not as interested in these electric motors, as was originally anticipated. Vauxhall have also dropped their plans recently for an Electric version of the Adam, Nissan’s Leaf model has also not done very well within the US market, falling rather short of estimates. Originally, Nissan hoped to sell 20,000 of the Leaf model in 2012, however just a small proportion 6791 were actually purchased.

Is this the end of the electric car, before it’s age has really begun?