Are Traffic lights a thing of the past due to Sat-Nav?

Are Traffic lights a thing of the past due to Sat-Nav?

Waiting around at Traffic lights may be coming to an end if the technology that is currently on trial in Newcastle comes good. Experts have been working on launching a new Sat-Nav technology that could help drivers adjust the speed of their vehicle, which would enable them to go through a number of traffic lights continuously on green.

The study has been led in the United Kingdom by Newcastle City Council and Newcastle University and is part of a Compass4D project worth £8.6million that is taking place across Europe, in seven different cities. The aim of the trial is to try and take the frustration out of rush hour.

We’re sure that everybody probably likes the sound of that.

But how does this Sat-Nav work?

The Sat-Nav will send information to a driver to allow them to avoid congested areas, which will of course speed up a journey and will ease congestion. Theproblem that has been suggested could of course by the effect of creating a kind of rat run through more suburban areas. Also, this begs the question, that what if everybody is doing the same thing, aiming for the same roads, then the traffic problems will become apparent once more.

Though this Sat-Nav green light technology, which is known as Energy Efficient Intersection Service does actually sound rather promising. The Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems at Newcastle University, Phil Blyth explained that the new system could tell a driver that if they start travelling at 25 miles per hour, then the next four sets of traffic lights they come too would be on green. This could result in slower movements across the city, though drivers will be continuing to move, which will essentially cut down on emissions and stress levels.

Additional Sat-Nav systems that are being implemented are…

Forward collision warnings which let drivers know of obstacles they may face on the road ahead, such as if there is a vehicle broken down, stationary traffic, or a crash/accident.

The red light violation warning actually informs a driver when somebody on the road has gone through a red light.

Hopes for this type of information is to not only ease some congestion but will also effectively reduce levels of pollution that are caused by the stop start traffic.

This technology has also been described as being great for the Emergency services by cutting down on the time it could take to reach an incident. So is this a potential saver of lives in the making also?

This is the first trial of it’s kind that has been taken out in the United Kingdom and if it shows to prove successful, it is expected that it could be taken out throughout the whole country. Is this Sat-Nav system going to put an end to worrying about traffic lights?