After the Porsche Pavillion was created at the Autostadt in August, the Complex is busier than ever

After the Porsche Pavillion was created at the Autostadt in August, the Complex is busier than ever

 Entertainment and World Restaurant Dining at the Autostadt

The Autostadt (German for Car City), which is based adjacent to Volkswagen HQ in Wolfsburg Germany was opened in 2000 and cost £270m to create, not counting the increasing facilities that are constantly added to the complex. The Autostadt is not just an entertainment park for Volkswagen Lovers, or even car lovers, as the complex features such things as beautiful lakes, parks, marketplaces, streets and it’s very own train station. There are also different types of entertainment offered, restaurants based on the rest of the world and an events centre offering a unique experience. Of course the autostadt also has the things you would expect in a Volkswagen visitor attraction, such as museums and feature pavilions showing onlookers the main Volkswagen brands.

The Autostadt’s latest creation is the Porsche Pavilion

Around 2 Million visitors visit the fabulous autostadt every year, with tours of the German Factory on offer and also the chance to drive different Volkswagen vehicles, depending on if you have produced your driving licence of course. The Autostadt is constantly expanding, with it’s most recent adventure to the themepark being the structure of the new Porsche Pavilion, which sits directly in front of the Volkswagen pavilion. The silhouette of the pavilion became a unique icon with regards to the rest of the landscape of the audostadt. The lines and unusual bends in the pavilian makes the sculpture completely dynamic in reference to it’s characteristics which is said to have been produced based on the Porsche brand image. Porsche joins the other pavilions at the autostadt for Bentley (now named the Premium Clubhouse), Audi, Skoda, Seat and Lamborghini.

Car Silos at the Autostadt

All of these different pavilions at the autostadt offer something unusual and interesting, along with basic information about the history of your favourite cars and some of the fabulous models that they have produced over the years. The autostadt is also renowned for one of the most diverse and unusual car parks in the world, Car Silos, which is a 20 story high, see through glass car park, which truly looks amazing lit up, especially at night. European Volkswagen buyers can actually opt to pick up their cars from the Car Silo at the autostadt, instead of choosing from a regular dealer. After enjoying the wonderful autostadt park for a day, customers can watch the robotic arm rise up throughout the tower and pick their car from the mighty tube of vehicles.

With such an amazing amount of interesting and enjoyable activities to participate in, men, women and children have exclaimed what a fantastic time they had at the autostadt whether they are vehicle lovers or not. Whatever will Volkswagen do next at the autostadt?