What should you look for in an MPV?

What should you look for in an MPV?

If you are looking for an MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), then what sort of things should you be looking out for. Which car is the best for family transport?

MPV Size?

The original appeal and desire of the MPV ensured that there was great demand for such a vehicle and the MPV even looked to be able to wipe out other types of car entirely, though it appears that the demand has tailed off slightly, as brands begin to offer more crossover and niche products. The Multi Pupose Vehicle is about being practical, how adaptable the model is and how flexible, to fit in with your lifestyle.

Size does matter, the MPV come in three size catagories, small, medium and large, simple. They are all extremely different in terms of who their target audience is. Naturally, small MPV’s are not the model to choose to carry large amounts of people, as they are five seaters. Though there is a practical amount of cabin space for rather a low cost, ensuring that any bits and bobs you need to carry along with you, have a suitable space to stop for a while.

Medium or Mid Size MPV’s such as the Ford C Max have a lot more room for belongings and can also often be purchased with seven seats. Though they do not tend to take up any further road space than your regular hatchback, therefore they are practical and efficient.

Finally the large MPV, which has unfortunately decreased in it’s popularity recently due to the size of the vehicle, the price of it and it’s sheer costs to run. Though for the maximum carrying capacity and options of carrying upto seven people plus luggage, the large MPV really cannot be beaten.

Save money on your MPV by deciding how many seats you need!

You can potentially save a large amount of money by opting for a five seater MPV. All you need to ask yourself is, how often do you genuinely need to transport seven people around? If this is not that often then go for a five seater. Though if you do find that you have a large family or you do actually need to transport seven people on a more regular basis, then it is worth checking out if you can fit their luggage in the car too.

Many people believe that the MPV is all about the seats, though every MPV model has something different to offer when it comes to seating. There is a rather large variety of different seating designs and like everything, one is more likely to suit one family than others. Everybody is different. For example, sliding seats can be a bonus as they can be pushed back so that legroom is increased or slide them forward if more boot space is desired. The MPV really is all about versatility and space so take some time to really discover what works for you and your family.

MPV Child seats

This is an extremely important point when looking at an MPV. If you have for example three small children who all need to be in car seats, then this kind of car is really the only option available to be able to move the family around in a secure and safe manner. Many regular cars of course cannot accommodate for three child seats next to each other. It is also advised to check the rear seats in seven seater MPV’s as not all can hold a child seat. Feel free to take car seats with you along to a viewing to see if they fit sufficiently in the vehicle you are interested in.

MPV Doors

Passenger access is rather clever in the case of some MPV’s, for example sliding doors are just what is needed in smaller parking spots. Also allowing you more space to get children and luggage in and out of the vehicle without worrying about where the door is.

Make sure that all options are checked to ensure that the MPV you are interested in can help in the areas that are important to you. Check things out beforehand at a dealership and don’t be afraid to ask questions, that is what sales staff are there for.