West Midland Police Force take on a Fleet of Electric Cars

West Midland Police Force take on a Fleet of Electric Cars

A fleet of electric cars has been taken on by the West Midland Police Force. After a successful trial of electric vehicles, it has been confirmed that a fleet of electric cars will be used by police in Coventry and Birmingham. It costs around £1.75 to charge one of the electric cars, for a journey of 80 miles. For the next three years West Midlands Police will be using 30 electric cars on lease.

The West Midland Police Force first used electric cars in 2009

This particular force first used an electric car in 2009 and last year all 10 of the local policing units tested electric vehicles throughout their regular patrols. The electric vehicles will be used to attend appointments, however they will not be used for emergency response situations.

David Wilkin, who is the Director of Resources explained that the electric vehicles can carry 5 people, they will be liveried with the foce crest and will also help to reduce the police force’s carbon footprint as the vehicles produce zero emissions! He also went on to say that the officers were extremely impressed with the average range per charge of each vehicle, which is around 80 miles and costs around £1.75.

The electric cars will save the force money, along with doing some good for the environment

Bob Jones who is the Police and Crime commissioner said that the cars would not only help to save money for the force but would also help to do the force’s bit for the environment.

With electric cars becoming more and more popular with customers in the United Kingdom and the desire for many people to try and do their bit for the environment, it will be interesting to see if any other Police Forces around the country follow in the productive “Footprint” of the West Midland Police and invest in their very own electric cars.