Weather Conditions Worsen on a Worldwide scale

Weather Conditions Worsen on a Worldwide scale

Weather conditions have caused two fatalities and many injuries due to an 140 Vehicle pile-up in Southeast Texas. Survivors were pulled from the wreckage by local authorities as Trucks and cars collided with each other, leaving vehicles piled onto each other. The colossal crash was due to extreme fog and happened on Interstate 10, which is around 80 Miles from Houston, on Thanksgiving day at 8.45am.

Weather is causing deaths

The people killed were a man and woman, their Chevy Suburban was horrifically crushed by a Tractor Trailer. Eighty to ninety people were injured from the 140-150 vehicles that were involved and ten to twelve of these are suspected to be in extreme critical conditions in hospital. After Hurricane Sandy and the devastation on New York, this is the last thing that any American needs. However, there is no solution to a catastrophic event such as this, there is no cure for fog, no cure for wind and no cure for rain, so what is the answer to this weird weather?

The only thing people can do in situations such as this is be forewarned, but it goes from experience that even the most astronomical predictions are not taken seriously by members of society, as with Hurricane Sandy, many New Yorkers left their homes and went to the edge of the water to Marvel at the storm, even after being warned of the seriousness of the weather conditions.

An apparent Crash on the Eastbound side of Interstate 10 led to more crashes which resulted in the extremely dangerous pile-up. There were even other crashes on other parts of the highway. There were 18 wheelers on top of small cars and even more cars on top of cars, the survivors of this disaster certainly have been through a most extraordinarily traumatic event. The fog was in fact so thick that authorities on arriving at the scene originally did not even realise there was more than one accident. Drivers who were uninjured in the collision helped the injured and helped to sort through the wreckage. Many cars were still going at the 70mph allowed, regardless of the thick fog ahead of them.

UK weather is also causing catastrophes

In the UK, a man has also been killed after being trapped in his car during flooding, after many other weather problems have been reported across the UK. The unfortunate man and his car was trapped under a bridge on Thursday Night, around 8 miles from Bristol. Firemen and Police were called to the scene but unfortunately the man could not be saved.

A landslip in Bath actually made vehicles unable to pass through to the City Centre and there were constant disruptions for Virgin Trains, all around Scotland and in the Watford Junction. A wall collapsed in St David’s hill in Devon, sniffer dogs and cameras were used to ensure that nobody was trapped beneath it and thankfully no-one was. Along with many businesses, homes were flooded and there has literally been thousands of pounds worth of water damage. Environment agencies actually had 90 flood Warnings in place to address the UK with. Lets hope this weather doesn’t cause any more horrific accidents.