Volkswagen new midsize SUV Concept

Volkswagen new midsize SUV Concept

German Giant Volkswagen are getting into the SUV market, which is currently dominated by Ford and Jeep. The company unveiled their new CrossBlue concept SUV last week at the North American Internation Automobile show. Volkswagen however did not confirm whether the vehicle will be built, or when it is looking to go on sale, though the company did call it a realistic glimpse of the future.

The CEO of Volkswagen’s American deivision, Jonathan Browning explained that the company will decide on whether to go ahead with the CrossBlue, within the next few months. This was based partly on the reaction at the automobile show. A midsize SUV, falling in between the smaller Tiguan and the rather pricey , five seat Touareg, is definitely needed in the company line up. It would also help Volkswagen extremely in the company plans of doubling their sales in the US to 1 million within 5 years.

At the moment, the U.S SUV segment is dominated by the Ford explorer and the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which had sales of almost 320,000 vehicles between the two companies in 2013. Browning exclaimed that there is definitely room for more and Volkswagen anticipate a sales jump by 20% in 5 years, with the midsize SUV projects.

More about the Volkswagen CrossBlue model?

The CrossBlue would be a first for the United States car market, a plug in hybrid SUV, with two electric motors and a diesel engine. Volkswagen’s estimates show that it is likely to travel for 14 miles in electric mode before the diesel engine would start. In electric mode it is estimated to get 89 miles per gallon and in the Hybrid mode around 35 miles per gallon. It is also said to have 305 horsepower.

What is the Volkswagen CrossBlue model going to look like?

Inside the car, it will have six seats, though it is likely that if the car is to make it to market it would actually have seven. There is a touchscreen on the dashboard for easy controlling of the entertainment system and also shows the driver the status of hybrid system. Second row passengers also have ipad mini access, as they are integrated into the back of the front seat headrests. Wow!

The body of the vehicle appears to look like a bigger, broader Touareg and not really unlike a Grand Cherokee or an Explorer. Volkswagen have yet to comment on the price of the vehicle, though it is more than likely to be a significant amount less than the starting price of the Touareg, which is $43,945. The Explorer model by Ford has an $29,100 starting price. Volkswagen are desperate for a medium size SUV in the company line up and a diesel hybrid is of course an extremely appealing combination.

However there have been worried that Volkswagen still appear to be getting their foot in the door when it comes to the SUV market and so therefore customers may not look to Volkswagen typically for an SUV. Honda sold almost 9 times more of the CR-V small SUV than Volkswagen sold of their equivalent Tiguan, this previous year.