Vauxhall Adam convertible for 2014

Vauxhall Adam convertible for 2014

The concept for the Vauxhall Adam rocks will make it into production next year, the model was unveilved at the Geneva Motor show and it is said to be making it into production by March of next year and is said to rival the Fiat 500c and the Citroen Ds3 Cabrio, say insiders at Vauxhall. The new convertible concept which of course ie based on the recently launched Adam model, will feature a roll back canvas roof. It will also have a raised ride height and a more chunky kit for the body, to give the car an SUV (sports utility vehicle) feel.

What does the Vauxhall Adam offer?

Unlike the rivals of this car, the Fiat and Citroen, the roof will only roll back to the hatchback. This allows the standard hatchback door to remain intact and doesn’t compromise on luggage space either, or visibility, unlike the Ds3 Cabrio and 500c models. Vauxhall said that there will be many opportunities to personalise the new Adam Rocks, as there is with the standard Adam car, which allows around 30,000 different colour, body style and trim combinations.

What else comes with the Vauxhall Adam?

A clever feature of this new model using the intelllink infotainment system for the Adam will have a weather application featured that will automatically bring the roof of the car to a close when rain is predicted. There was also an announcement at the Geneva Motor show that there will be a full integration of the Siri personal assistant from Apple, for users of the iphone within the Adam model.

The convertible option on Adam vehicles is said to be an available option on all Adam cars from 2014 also, although the Rocks model showcased the canvas roof on the convertible.

For covertible or Vauxhall lovers in general, the Vauxhall Adam rocks could be the perfect car for you, combining standard hatchback with no roof so that you can enjoy the summer weather, if we have any British weather to enjoy.