Trucker takes wrong turn, into Mexico!

Trucker takes wrong turn, into Mexico!

A Texan trucker who took a disastrous turn into Mexico back in April ended up taking seven months to return home. Jabin Bogan, who was moving a great amount of ammunition to aPhoenix gun shop, found his route taking him near the border of Mexico. When making a wrong turn, he crossed accidentally into the border into the Country in which firearm restrictions are extremely tight.

Arrested in Mexico?

Bogan ended up being arrested by the Mexican Police when he tried to re-enter the United States with around 268,000 rounds of ammunition in his truck. Bogan, who was released in November explained that it was his son who had motivated him to go on through his predicament. He and his family reunited at Dallas Fort Worth Airport, where he saw his son, who is six years old, for the first time since he had been involved in the unfortunate incident. Bogan also said that his family is his pride and joy and his mama was his strength, without her he would be nowhere now.

The incident occurred on a one way road near El Paso in Texas. Bogan had inquired about directions from a Police officer who had told him that a turnaround was around three or four miles up the road ahead. This of course ended up putting him in Mexico.

Bogan was released from Mexico after 7 Months

We have all heard the horror stories of people being caught at the Mexican border with things they shouldn’t have in their cars and trucks. Or people smuggling drugs into countries like Mexico without realising it and spending years and years in horrific prisons, unable to get any help from anyone. There is probably nothing worse than finding yourself in a situation in which you are simply transporting ammunition to a gunshop, completely legal in your country, to find yourself being punished, for simply taking a wrong turn. The moral to this story of course is take care where you are going, especially if you are transporting something which may be seen as illegal in another country, such as Mexico.