Top Ten Movie Car Chases?

Top Ten Movie Car Chases?

What are the ten best movie car chases of all time? When you think of the very best movie car chases the more action and violence the better. Here are some of the best.

10. Gone in 60 seconds comes in at number 10 on our car chase list. The 1974 version not the modern Angelina Jolie version. Though the movie itself left much to be desired, the film does boast a 40 minute car chase, where the director was proud to announce, around 100 cars were destroyed during the making of it. The Director Halicki, was tragically killed during the filming of the sequel in a stunt that went wrong.

9. The Blues Brothers, an 80’s classic and the movie that destroyed more police cruisers than any other movie had ever dreamed. The comedy classic shows Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi along with plenty of sly dialog, absolutely destroying the Dixie Square Mall.

8. To Live and Die in L.A, William Petersen plays a Secret Service agent who manoeuvres himself into complete anarchy as he takes extreme chances with his life and others around him. This is expressed fully in the car chase which results in Peterson plummeting his Chevrolet the wrong way on the Freeway. However on looking closely it becomes clear that Peterson is driving on the right of the Freeway, whilst director Friedkin ordered the rest of the traffic in the wrong direction. All part of the fun that makes this car chase so thrilling.

7. Smokey and The Bandit, the second highest grossing film of 1977, running up to Star Wars, the film has continued to be popular for over 30 years. This film mixes phenomenal car stunts with an excellent comedic performance from Jackie Gleason. Combined with direction from Hal Needham and his old roommate Burt Reynolds, this is an excellent movie. This film inspired sales of the Firebrid Trans Am to completely skyrocket as it was featured as Reynold’s motor. The stunts from Smokie have long lived on for many years after they were first shown.

6. Against all odds was an attempt at trying to revive a film noir style by director Taylor Hackford. The action shown on L.A’s sunset boulevard is what always remains in the mind, between the Ferrari 308 GTSi and the Porsche 911 Cabriolet, the scene was shot on Sunday Mornings in 15 minute periods whilst the road was closed. The most unique thing about this scene is both cars remain intact.

5. The chase from the movie Bullitt remains to be the car chase in which all following movie car chase’s are compared. The scene of course benefits from having Steve Mcqueen and his excellent driving ability behind the wheel. The thrills keep coming from the director Peter Yates, making it easy to overlook the fact that many hubcaps fly off the enemy’s Dodge Charger and that Steve Mcqueen seems to pass by the exact same Volkswagen Bug rather a few times. Bill Hickman, the legendary stunt driver was behind the wheel of the Charger and for the times Mcqueen wasn’t behind the wheel of the Mustang GT 390, it was handled excellently and experly by Carey Loftin.

4. Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, known mainly for the footage of the Dodge Charger hitting a locomotive was used for the opening of The Fall Guy in the 80’s, the pursuit before this actual crash took place, was most impressive in this film. John Hough, the director who was working on a rather measly budget, hired Vic Morrow as the pursuing sheriff in the chase who was in a helicopter alongside James Gavin the stunt pilot had to chase the Dodge at low altitudes through Citrus Orchards. With the result being insane, though fantastic aviation.

3. Vanishing Point shows some of the best stunt driving that has ever been recorded. Carey Loftin, the legendary stuntman was hired by Richard Sarafian to design and execute Vanishing Point’s driving scenes and Loftin ensures dangerous and daring stunts scene after scene with the Dodge Challenger. Sliding along dirt roads and cutting across median strips with oncoming traffic just missing the car at extremely high speeds. The driving surely is thought of as timeless.

2. Ronin, which was directed by Veteran directed John Frankenheimer used some techniques that were pioneered in his film Grand prix and ensured that they were applied when filming these thrilling chases of mercenaries hunting each other across Europe. Frankenheimer assigned Formula one pilots as stunt drivers and let loose such cars as the BMW M5, Audi S8 and Mercedes Benz 6.9 to battle against each other on the narrow streets of the city, through tunnels and of course against traffic on extremely crowded highways, ensuring the thrill of the chase at all times.

1. Of course, the French Connection. Although there have been many fantastic movie car chases throughout the years, if someone asks a question about a car chase, The French Connection is likely to be the movie to pop straight into your head. This movie won five academy awards including Best Picture and Best Director and also made Gene Hackman a star. Hackman secured his Oscar for Best Actor during the ride in which Detective Jimmy Doyle “Popeye” acquires a Pontiac Le Mans to purse a killer who is speeding above him in a train. It is not only a fantastic chase, it also fits in perfectly with the rest of the story and helps to explain the uncompromising and obsessive Detective Doyle. A must watch car chase.