The new Renault Twingo

The new Renault Twingo

A concept that previews the styling of the next generation Renault Twingo will be revealed on April 8th. Renault will be unveiling the new concept car next month, which will give a short glimpse into the design of the next generation Twingo model. The French Giant have released teaser shots of the model, before it is officially unveiled, to excite Renault and Twingo fans all over. The teaser shots appear to show the rear light of the model and spoiler.

Ross Lovegrove helped design the new Renault

The new car has been designed with the help of Ross Lovegrove, who is renowned for his organic style designs and the new model is thought to be the latest in Renault’s life cycle concept series, which originally kicked off with the DeZir supercar, which was inspired by the act of falling in love. This was then followed by the Captur SUV model which represented exploration, the R-Space MPV which represented family and then the Frendzy van which represented work.

Renault Twingo will represent “Play”

The brand new concept will represent the idea of play and will be drawing heavily on nature. The company have explained that they intend to reveal nature’s underlying blueprints and then transfer them into a new language of design. It sounds extremely interesting and innovative.

The brand new Twingo Model will be being built as part of the tie up with Daimler and it will be sharing it’s platform with the next generation Smart ForFour. Both the Renault and Smart car will be rear wheel drive and rear engined.