The New Mercedes SLS AMG GT

The New Mercedes SLS AMG GT

When a vehicle is as fantastic as the Mercedes SLS Amg, then there isn’t much you need to do to try and spruce it up. Therefore Mercedes has kept to upgrades on performance instead and called it the Mercedes SLS AMG GT. Underneath the bonnet of the car is the same 6.3 litre V8 engine as was featured in the old vehicle, though with a larger intake manifold which helps to increase power to 583 brake horsepower, 20 brake horsepower more than the last vehicle. Acceleration is said to be as scorching as ever, with the official specification confirming a cut off time from 3.8 seconds to 3.7 seconds.

What does the Mercedes SLS AMG GT Offer?

If people thought the gull wing style doors weren’t enough to attract an audience, the new model also has one of the best exhaust notes on the road. The car rumbles at random growls on a lighter throttle and at full tilt gives the impression of a V8 racing vehicle. Mercedes have reworked the seven speed dual clutch gearbox software, which will help to make shifting faster.

The suspension of the vehicle has been firmed up by 30% at the front and back, whilst the dampers, which can be adapted, have been stiffened up aswell. Unlike the standard vehicle, a comfort mode can’t be selected for them, the choices are now limited to Sport and Sport +. Although these changes haven’t changed the SLS model completely, it has brought a few rather important improvements. Feeling still firm, though compliant enough to avoid crashing into potholes. The suspension is also better suited to the steering and a fraction sharper on turn in. The longer nose of the vehicle seems to dart into bends with a brand new eagerness, whilst the tail appears less likely to step out under the acceleration.

The Price for the new Mercedes SLS AMG GT hasn’t changed

Looking closely at the model, there are hints that this car is more the GT, rather than the outgoing SLS model, such as the darker lenses for the car head and tailights and the badge on the boot of the vehicle. There is no increase in price however, despite there were original expectations of a £12,000 increase above the standard Mercedes vehicle.