The new Audi A4 for 2014

The new Audi A4 for 2014

The new A4 Saloon from Audi will be going on sale in 2014, as well as getting a completely new look, the new model will be a lot lighter and more efficient than the current one. The head of technical project management for Audi, Alexander Pesch, explained that the next A4 model will be moving the game on. The jump from the current model in terms of efficiency and design will be very big.

What can we expect from this new Audi A4?

There will be slimmer headlights on the new model and larger air intakes that will set at the side of the six sided much sharper grille. There is a toned down version of the three dimensional front end that was seen at the Paris Motor Show in 2012 on the Crosslane Coupe Concept. Elsewhere on the vehicle there are distinctive LED light clusters, sharp creases and similar proportions to the current model. Key to the improved fuel efficiency of the model there will be a weight saving of about 100kg. This is due to the fact the new car will be based on the Volkswagen Groups MLB platform, which is the big brother of the MQB. As with MQB, the MLB will be constructed from hot formed strong steels, which allow thinner components to be used for the chassis of the vehicle and therefore reduces weight dramatically. It also enables Audi to use a variety of materials, so that high specification models could use carbon fibre or aluminium to cut weight even further.

What kind of engine is expected with this Audi model?

There will be big steps forward in hybrid technology regarding the engines, with two petrol electric A4s being likely. Firstly, the development of the A3 e-tron’s front wheel drive plug in system, which teams an electric motor that is integrated into the DSg box with a 2.0 litre petrol engine. The other hybrid has a petrol engine up front with two electric motors on the rear axle of the vehicle, a more potent e-quattro system, which gives a different take on the trademark quattro 4WD from Audi.

The new Audi A4 saloon is just the beginning of a new family. Between next year and 2016, it will be joined by the Audi A4 Avant as well as an A5 Coupe, Sportback and Cabriolet, which use the same underpinnings.