The dangers of drink and driving

The dangers of drink and driving

Usually by the time that children turn into teenagers, they have learnt what the right thing to do is, especially when it comes to drink.  Though it appears that a secondary school in Massachusetts shows more interest in district policy than a student’s good intentions, after she tried to assist her friend in need.Though many people out there would not want their children attending a house party where there is copious amounts of alcohol in any circumstances, though it has to be said that what this young girl did, was commendable and not punishable. She drove in her car to the party scene to pick up her friend who was too drunk to drive. If she were not to do this in the fist place we believe that, there is a chance the girl who had been on a night full of drink, could of attempted to drive home herself possibly causing an accident in her vehicle, or even an insurance company write off. None compare to the damage though that she could of done to herself if this had of been the case.

Drink driving suspected but later released without charge

Erin Cox, who is a Andover High School senior, recently received a phone call from her friend who said that she was too drunk to be able to drive home from a house party she was at. Erin, being what many would think of as a good friend, drove in her car to the  house to pick her friend up, though she arrived there the same time as the police did. Erin was questioned by the police and then released without charge, though other students who had attended the party were arrested because they were minors in possession of alcohol.

As drink was present, but proven innocent the finger is still being pointed

Though, Andover High School Officials have since argued that Erin Cox’s presence at the house party broke the school’s zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol and drugs. Erin was henceforth stripped of her volleyball team’s captain title and then also suspended for five volleyball games. Her mother has since expressed that Erin, an honor student has been crushed by this punishment. Her mother explained that Erin has not done anything wrong, she did what she thought was the right thing to do and she expressed that she was very proud of her daughter.However, the Cox family had no luck in challenging this decision in Court. There has been a petition started by Erin’s friends in school to attempt to have this punishment overturned, although drink was at the premises at the time Erin still remains to be innocent.