The brand new Vauxhall Cascada?

The brand new Vauxhall Cascada?

The brand new Vauxhall Cascada was debuted at the Geneva Motor show this week. The four seater convertible actually takes it’s name from the Spanish word for Waterfall and is said to be one of the most luxurious Vauxhall models in the company’s line up, when it goes on sale in the next couple of weeks. Unlike the Astra TwinTop, which was discontinued, it is a stand alone model which has been built on a combination of Insignia and Astra platforms.

So what does the Vauxhall Cascada offer?

The Vauxhall Cascada model measures 4,697mm in length and is 1,840mm wide, which makes it the same width as the Astra GTC, though it comes in between the 4,466mm Astra and the 4,830mm Insignia. Vauxhall have been rather proud to point out that the new Cascada model is longer than the Audi A5 Cabriolet, though the Audi has a 320 litre boot when the roof is down, which is 40 litres more than the new Cascada model.

The Canvas told of the new Cascada model can be opened in 17 seconds whilst the car is travelling at 30 miles per hour, either by a button on the key fob, or by pressing a switch from within the cabin. The roof comes in three different colours and 10 paint finishes for the exterior. The interior of the vehicle features leather upholstery and the flowing creases have been described as giving the new model a rather upmarket appearance, the car also features double stitched soft touch materials onto the dashboard.

What else do you get with a Vauxhall Cascada?

To compensate for having no roof, the chassis of the Vauxhall Cascada gets a strengthening and it is actually 43% stiffer than the one on the Astra TwinTop. The rear seats have hoops that pop up behind them if the car should roll or the airbags become deployed.

The engines for the new model include the all new MGE, which is a 1.6 litre turbo petrol engine, which produces 168 brake horsepower and 280NM of torque. Stop start and direct injection have improved CO2 emissions by around 13%. The engine will be offered only with a six speed automatic gearbox. 138 brake horsepower 1.4 litre petrol engines and 163 brake horsepower 2.0 litre diesel engines will also be available, with even more powerful versions to follow.

In keeping with the status of flagship, the Vauxhall Cascada model will get HiPerStrut suspension at the front, which will cut torque steer and there are also headlights and adaptive dampers and a steering wheel with the model.

The prices for the Vauxhall Cascada have not been revealed as of yet, though a spokesman has confirmed that the new model will cost less than the A5 Cabriolet, which has a starting price of  £29,455.